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Global Mission Fund

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applies your gift where needed most

The gifts in this catalog are just a few of hundreds of OM projects run by 5,000+ workers in more than 110 countries around the world! Any gift you give to our Global Mission Fund will be used to help OM teams where and when they need it most — and also help us launch and care for a growing new generation of workers into places that have never had a Gospel witness before.

Partner with us to:

✓ GO BOLDLY: Care for 1,000’s of missionaries worldwide and see 100’s of new workers launched!

✓ SOW BROADLY: Spread God’s Word in new ways to more places than ever before!

✓ TRANSFORM TOTALLY: Demonstrating the love of Jesus in practical ways that change lives forever!

You can give to the Global Mission Fund in $50 increments. Just change the quantity. For example: a quantify of 3 is a $150 gift; a quantity of 5 is a $250 gift, etc.

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