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Christmas Food Pack

Christmas Food Pack

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The COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone. Around the world, currencies have been devalued and many of the self-sustaining businesses that fund our workers — especially in Asia, Africa and the Middle East — are barely surviving.

The COVID RELIEF FUND was created this year to help struggling frontline workers (including those aboard Logos Hope) stay in ministry —and have a fund to help them reach out to others who need food and aid because of COVID-19.

All over the world, OM workers are continuing to provide food, basic medicines, masks and other hygiene items to help people in need, even though many are struggling themselves with a great loss of support. Will you help them continue to shine the light of Jesus in some of the world’s darkest and most dangerous places this Christmas?

Photo: Shows a portion of contents from a typical food pack. Contents of these packs vary by region and culture.

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