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Global Mission Fund

Global Mission Fund

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applies your gift where needed most

The gifts in this catalog are just a few of the OM projects run by 5,000+ workers in over 110 countries around the world! Your Global Mission Fund gift will help OM teams where and when they need it most — and also help us launch a new generation of workers into places that have never before had a gospel witness.

Partner with us to:

✓ GO BOLDLY: Launch and care for thousands of workers worldwide

✓ SOW BROADLY: Spread God’s Word in new ways and new places

✓ TRANSFORM TOTALLY: Demonstrate the love of Jesus in practical ways that change lives forever

You can give to the Global Mission Fund in $50 increments. Just change the quantity. For example: a quantity of 3 is a $150 gift; a quantity of 5 is a $250 gift, etc.

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